Our Organisation

GRIP Leadership is an independent organisation that commenced in Australia in 2005 and exists to train and develop leaders with a special focus on school students. We are now operating in New Zealand.

The ‘GRIP Student Leadership Conference’ is a one-day event held in numerous cities across several  countries and is enjoyed by tens of thousands of students each year. The central focus of the conference is equipping student leaders with practical ideas and skills  which will allow them to make a significant contribution to their schools.

GRIP Leadership is a values driven organisation. The core values below represent the heartbeat of all GRIP Leadership staff and volunteers.

  • GENEROSITY: Willingness to use what you have been given (time and resources) on behalf of those you seek to influence.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We all have a responsibility to develop what we have and help others to live well.
  • INTEGRITY: A commitment to truth and honesty in dealings.
  • PEOPLE: Every human being is of great significance, and has a purpose to fulfil.

GRIP Leadership does not promote any particular religious or political view but rather presents accepted leadership values that are transcendent of religion, race and culture. GRIP Leadership also offers additional events, programs and services which will be available in New Zealand in the near future.

Watch the short video below to hear one of our directors explain the unique way that GRIP Leadership helps student leaders to be highly effective: