2019 Contributing, Primary & Intermediate Conferences – Program

The below program was presented in April 2019 at our Contributing, Primary and Intermediate Conferences. In 2020 the program will be refreshed with new topics.  If you are interested in any topics that we have presented below from the 2019 program, please visit our Resources page.

All sessions include main presentations, interactive activities, discussions, leadership games and entertainment. Below are the Topics ONLY.

Sessions are updated every year so that students can attend numerous years if desired.


8.45am Doors Open for All Schools
9.15am SESSION 1
Topic 1:  Developing Myself to Lead

This session emphasises that leadership is about people, not position or power. This being the case, we begin answering the question “who should a student leader focus on?” To answer this in a practical way, this topic starts unpacking the ‘People Pathway’ model, where the starting point is for a leader to develop their own character. By having sound character, a leader positions themselves to ensure that their influence is positive. Using games and activities, this session helps students understand important character traits including confidence with humility, being others focused, being reliable, and showing empathy.

10.45am Morning Tea
11.10am SESSION 2
Topic 2: Making a Difference to My Team

The second destination on the people pathway model is for a student to make a contribution to their team. Being part of a team is much more than being given a role. Imagine if every member of a broader student leadership team contributed to their maximum level. Using roleplays, stories, discussion and games, this topic equips students with four practical strategies designed to make every student a valuable member of the team.

Topic 3: Making a Difference to My School

The third destination on the people pathway is for a team to influence the culture of their school. Student leaders often repeat the activities that they have seen at their own school in the past, limiting the difference they are able to make. This practical workshop will introduce students to dozens of ideas which are part of the culture at other schools. Activities during this session will enable students to have discussions with other schools to share experiences and generate new ideas together.

12.30pm Lunch Break
1.00pm SESSION 3
Topic 4: Making a Difference to Society

The fourth destination on the people pathway is for a school to make a difference to a cause in society. There are lots of great causes that are worthy of support, so how should student leaders go about selecting the right one? This practical workshop helps students to suggest a suitable cause, and to develop school-based strategies for making a difference.

Q&A With GRIP Leadership Team

2.30pm Close

(GRIP Leadership reserves the right to make changes to the program in order to make improvements to this conference.)