Contributing, Primary & Intermediate Conferences – Program

All sessions include main presentations, interactive activities, discussions, leadership games and entertainment.


8.45am Doors Open for All Schools
9.15am SESSION 1
Topic 1:  Leaders are Transformers

It’s a mistake to assume that being a leader means waiting to waiting to receive an official position an official position. Instead, any student is capable of being prepared to lead. We call this process ‘transforming’ into a leader. The Transformers action figures and cartoon characters provide a great example of being prepared to lead. Each Transformer knows how to activate their unique abilities to be helpful in different situations. Building on this example, this session will explore four important characteristics that help transform all students into leaders, capable of making an impact within their school.

10.45am Morning Tea
11.10am SESSION 2
Topic 2: Lead Like a Strawberry Not Like a Watermelon

This popular session was originally presented a number of years ago and continues to be talked about today in schools all over Australia. By popular request from hundreds of teachers, an updated version will be presented as part of the 2018 program. This session uses the metaphor of these two fruits to look at the important element of ‘integrity’ in leadership and communicates to students the importance of being the same person on the inside, that they project on the outside.

Topic 3: Ideas that Transform

Student leaders often repeat the activities that they have seen at their own school in the past. Sometimes this is effective, yet other times it means that nothing new is achieved. This practical workshop will introduce students to dozens of simple ideas that other schools have implemented to transform their school and community. Activities during this session will enable students to have discussions with other schools to share experiences and generate new ideas together.

12.30pm Lunch Break
1.00pm SESSION 3
Topic 4: Making a Positive Change

Nothing is ever TRANSFORMED without CHANGE. Sometimes students suggest changes that are not suitable, too unrealistic, or not properly planned. During this session students will be taught a practical method for successfully introducing changes at their school, using a five step process based on the acronym CHANGE. As part of the learning process, students will plan out their own proposed change during the session.

Q&A With GRIP Leadership Team

2.30pm Close


(GRIP Leadership reserves the right to make changes to the program in order to make improvements to this conference.)