2020 Contributing, Primary & Intermediate Conferences – Program

All sessions include main presentations, interactive activities, discussions, leadership games, and entertainment. Below are the Topics ONLY. Watch our videos to get a taste of how interactive these topics become.

Sessions are updated every year so that students can attend numerous years if desired.


8.45amDoors Open for All Schools
9.15amSESSION 1
Topic 1:  Leading the Way

This topic emphasises that leading the way is less about being given a position and more about having a personal desire to be proactive and help others.  The concept of 'leading the way' is broken down into; knowing the way, going the way and showing the way.  In a school setting, this means that students should understand the needs of their school, how to be a role model, and how to teach others.  These three steps are taught using a series of games and activities, including the sharing of ideas between schools.
10.45amMorning Tea
11.10amSESSION 2
Topic 2: Generosity

This topic focuses on the character trait of generosity and unpacks various ways that student leaders can use generosity to influence others. Using roleplays, stories, discussion and games, this topic outlines three things that help guide a leader to show generosity: serving others, sacrifice and significance.

Topic 3: Ideas to Lead the Way

Leading the way involves taking action.  This practical workshop will showcase dozens of practical ideas that students have implemented in other schools.  These success stories will focus on ideas that use the talents of the team, ideas that cost no money, and ideas that help serve the students who need it most.  Activities during this workshop will enable students to have discussions with other schools to share experiences and generate new ideas together.
12.30pmLunch Break
1.00pmSESSION 3
Topic 4: Bringing Your Idea to Life

To lead the way, a student leader should follow through and bring their idea to life.  This topic teaches students a helpful four-step acronym for bringing their idea to life:  Introduce, Demonstrate, Encourage Others, Advance.  As well as including practical examples and activities, students will conclude this topic by writing their own plan for bringing an idea to life in their own school.

Q&A With GRIP Leadership Team

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