2020 Secondary Conferences – Program

All plenary sessions and electives include presentations, activities, discussions, and leadership games.

Sessions are updated every year so that students can attend numerous years if desired.


8.30amDoors Open for All Schools
9.00amSESSION 1
Plenary Session: Setting Your Leadership Priorities

This topic brings awareness to the fact that many student leaders make the mistake of jumping straight into launching projects based on personal interests, enjoyment, and gaining popularity. Whilst these things may not always be negative, greater priorities are discussed including legacy, people, service, focusing on actual needs and showing persistence.  A practical tool will be used to help students identify the priorities that need the most focus in their own school.
10.30amMorning Tea
Morning Tea Optional Session: Making Meetings Effective

Many student leaders are involved in running meetings on a regular basis. The effectiveness of these meetings can be one of the main things that influences whether a team is successful or not.  This short session will give practical strategies and ideas to make meetings both enjoyable and productive. 
10.55amSESSION 2
Plenary Session: Generosity

This topic focuses on the character trait of generosity and unpacks various ways that student leaders can use generosity to influence others. Using stories and video examples, this topic outlines three things that help guide a leader to show generosity: Serving Others, Sacrifice and Significance.
Electives #1 (choose 1)

Option 1: Leading Exciting Events

Student leaders often organise a wide variety of events, some which may even have a serious objective.  It's possible to add an element of excitement to any event, which will increase both participation and enjoyment.  This workshop unpacks four practical strategies for making events more exciting, with numerous examples from other schools.

Option 2: Leading a Team of My Peers

It is often challenging for a student to lead a team of their peers.  Sometimes friendships get in the way, people don't take things seriously, or it just feels awkward.  This workshop equips students with four strategies and lots of practical tips designed to make this easier.
12.30pmLunch Break
1.00pmSESSION 3
Electives #2 (choose 1)

Option 3: Leading with Engaging Speeches

Leadership is more than giving speeches, but this is still a valuable skill for leaders to develop. When preparing speeches, many students make the mistake of only focusing on the information they wish to communicate.  This workshop equips leaders with eight practical strategies for making a speech engaging, regardless of whether the speech is to a few students or an entire school.

Option 4: Leading in Positive Partnership with Teachers

For a student leadership team to be effective, it is essential to develop a positive partnership with teachers. With the right strategies in place, it won't feel like ideas are always rejected or that teachers are trying to restrict things.  This workshop looks at the strategies to put in place so that teachers and students can be on the same team in making their school a great place.
1.45pmQ&A with GRIP Leadership Team and Final Review

GRIP Leadership reserves the right to make changes to the program in order to make improvements to this conference.