Our Organisation

GRIP Leadership is an independent organisation that commenced in New Zealand in 2014, after operating successfully in Australia for a number of years. GRIP Leadership specialises in making leadership training practical and interactive for school students. The ‘GRIP Student Leadership Conference’ is a one-day event held annually during term 1, in numerous cities across the north and south islands of New Zealand.  Separate events are held for primary/intermediate students and secondary students.

GRIP Leadership does not promote any particular religious, social or political view but rather presents accepted leadership values that are transcendent of religion, race and culture. The core values of GRIP Leadership make up the name GRIP:

GENEROSITY: Willingness to use what you have been given (time and resources) on behalf of those you seek to influence.

RESPONSIBILITY: We all have a responsibility to develop what we have and help others to live well.

INTEGRITY: A commitment to truth and honesty in dealings.

PEOPLE: Every human being is of great significance, and has a purpose to fulfil.

Why is GRIP Leadership different to other events?

  • Instead of featuring GUEST SPEAKERS, the conference is facilitated by vibrant presenters who SPECIALISE in student leadership training.
  • Session content is specifically written to focus on a SCHOOL BASED leadership context.
  • Despite the large audience, it is packed with PRACTICAL and HANDS ON activities that students love.
  • Sessions allow students to INTERACT with leaders from other schools.
  • GROUP WORK allows for students to take steps whilst at the conference.
  • Content is packed with dozens of FRESH IDEAS of things working wonders in other schools.
  • Secondary events allow students to attend ELECTIVE WORKSHOPS and tailor their experience.
  • The separate events for PRIMARY/INTERMEDIATE and then SECONDARY allow all age groups to participate.

Watch the 1-minute video below to see the conference in action: