Leading & Teaching – Program

GRIP Leading & Teaching – Program

Every teacher has a challenge of taking students to places they have never been before, of doing something that has never been done before and indeed moving beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary. Five practices are available to anyone, any teacher who accepts this challenge” – Kouzes and Posner.

What makes ‘Leading and Teaching’ radically different and exponentially more effective than other professional development?

This conference is not about statistics, formulas or ticking boxes… it’s about real-world leadership principles that transform classrooms, schools and the lives of people.

This year’s conference theme is: ‘Teachers Who Make a Difference’ based on the book ‘The Leadership Challenge’ by researches James Kouzes and Barry Posner. The conference will investigate how the 5 Exemplary Practices and 10 Commitments identified by Kouzes and Posner relate to your teaching, your school and students to help you become a teacher who truly makes a difference. Each session will incorporate adequate time for conversation and discussion with other educators and, in particular, time to reflect the application of what was discussed to your own situation.


8.30am Doors Open & Arrival
9.00am SESSION 1
Introduction to ‘The Five Practices and 10 Commitments of Exemplary Leadership’The research of Kouzes and Posner over a period of 25 years and the application of their “Leadership Challenge” provides valuable insight into how leadership is a relationship that must be nurtured and in fact can be learnt. The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership are cross cultural and cross generational and are not only relevant but critical to teaching in the 21st Century. This session will provide an important foundation for the conference by outlining the Five Practices and 10 Commitments for a teacher who desires to make a difference.
10.30am Morning Tea
10.55am SESSION 2
Practice 1: Model the Way
Committed to lasting values and true characterTeachers who make a difference are clear on their values and are men and women of strong character. This session will consider what are “worthy” values and how they can be developed to contribute to the welfare of both students and the school.

Practice 2: Inspire the Vision of what May be

Committed to telling a story of the future and expanding the boundaries of others 

Teachers who make a difference are able to pass on (through story) a clear vision of what might be. This session will investigate the value and practice of casting vision as a story. A teacher who makes a difference is not inhibited by curriculum pressure and takes time to create new possibilities for students by telling stories of meaningful life events.

Practice 3: Challenge the Process

Committed to innovation and risk taking

Often the ‘system’ or ‘process’ seriously constrains a teacher. Teachers who make a difference challenge the process and ensure students are challenged and grow in their analytic, creative and practical thinking skills. This session will investigate practical ways of doing this.

1.00pm Lunch Break
1.45pm SESSION 4
Practice 4: Enable Students to Act
Committed to building trust and strengthening others Teachers who make a difference build and earn the trust of those they seek to influence. They do this by taking time to build meaningful relationships which allow a depth and breadth of influence not otherwise available. Making relationships a priority takes understanding and perseverance.

Practice 5: Encourage the Heart 

Committed to recognising the contribution of students and building unity and diversity

Students need to be encouraged, inspired and motivated by passionate teachers who are committed, who have a love of learning and committed to seeing students live well.

Teachers who make a difference encourage the heart and do not promote unrealistic expectations in students. This session will also investigate practical ways of celebrating values and victories and building unity in diversity.

3.30pm Close