Leading & Teaching – What Staff Have Said

What Staff Have Said

The following are some comments from teachers who attended the GRIP ‘Leading & Teaching’ conference this 2014 season:

Amy Connellan, Merici College
Promoted discussion, reflection and practical tools
“An excellent course which promoted discussion, reflection and practical tools to implement in the school setting.”

Sheralee Fordham, Karabar High School Distance Education Centre
Both practical and enlightening
“The concepts taught were both practical and enlightening. They apply to all areas of school leadership and development.”

Debra Eustau, Boorowa Central School
Smooth, interesting and relevant
“A smooth, interesting and relevant presentation. No time to be bored and an interesting workbook and conversational, non-threatening feedback and participation throughout the day. It was very enjoyable and useful.”

Daniel Lee, St Andrews Christian College
Not only insightful, but inspiring
“I just want to say a big thank you again for running this conference. I thanked my boss this morning for letting me attend because it was not only insightful, but inspiring. I went away having an even stronger desire to grow in my craft as a teacher and leader.”

Hark Doecke, St Paul’s College
Fast-paced, engaging and thought-provoking
“I found the day to be fast-paced, engaging and thought-provoking. As a Principle of over 20 years experience in 3 different schools, I highly recommend this. Great day – best PD I’ve had in ages – thank you.”

John Starreveld, Knox Grammar School
Refreshing approach to the topic of leadership
“The program was a refreshing approach to the topic of leadership. Challenges were presented that drill down the real leadership. Real understanding that leadership is something that all are involved and skills all need. Very real and clear direction and perspectives.”

Nicholas Sergi, Moorebank High School
Confidence to turn our good school into a great school
“[The GRIP Team] clearly articulated the attributes and functions of effective educational leadership. This conference has given me the confidence to return to my school as a better leader and lead my colleagues to turn our good school into a great school!”

Rachel Mowle, St Pius X College
Refreshing to reflect critically
“It is refreshing to have the opportunity to reflect critically on your own school while being inspired and re-energised with ideas to improve it.”

Julia Moulton, Catholic College Sale
Positive, productive and valuable discussions
“Positive, productive and valuable discussions and challenges for me personally related to my leadership capacity and ability. Well done, fellas!”

Mike Clisby, Horizon Christian School
A crisp new focus on leadership
“Congratulations on presenting a highly engaging program which liberates and gives a crisp new focus on leadership thinking.”

Michael Worley, Temple Christian College Bethany Campus
Reflect and explore key educational issues
“This conference gave time to reflect and explore key educational issues that rarely get spoken about in the busyness of day-to-day teaching.”