2022 Contributing, Primary & Intermediate Conferences – Program


All sessions include main presentations, interactive activities, discussions, leadership games, and entertainment. Below are the Topics ONLY. Watch our videos to get a taste of how interactive these topics become.

Sessions are updated every year so that students can attend numerous years if desired.


8.45amDoors Open for All Schools
9.15amSESSION 1
Topic 1:  Stepping Up to Leadership

Student leadership is more than filling positions and doing some odd jobs the way they have always been done in years past. This session explains that any student can lead by striving to do things better than they have been done before. Using the acronym of STEP this session challenges students to step up the way that they serve others; take initiative; exemplify school values; and set a purpose. These ‘step up’ areas are taught using a series of games and activities, including the sharing of ideas between schools.
10.45amMorning Tea
11.10amSESSION 2
Topic 2: Stepping Up Integrity

Having ‘integrity’ is more than just being an honest and upstanding student. Using roleplay, stories, discussion and games, this topic focuses on four practical ways to step up integrity: show what is right; tell the truth; encourage others to do what is right; and persist if you are criticised.

Topic 3: A New Standard of Ideas

A leader shouldn’t settle to always do things the same as before, but should be challenged to achieve even more. This practical workshop will showcase dozens of impressive ideas that students have implemented at other schools, which are also realistic and meaningful. Activities during this workshop will enable students to have discussions with other schools, to share experiences and generate new ideas together.
12.30pmLunch Break
1.00pmSESSION 3
Topic 4: Raising the Standard of Teamwork

For student leaders to raise the standard of what they achieve, it requires raising the standard of how they work as a team. Using practical examples and activities, this topic teaches students the five steps to working together to successfully achieve one of their own ideas.

Q&A With GRIP Leadership Team

GRIP Leadership reserves the right to make changes to the program in order to make improvements to this conference.