Resources for Students

Resources for Students

Passing the Baton of Leadership

Format: DISC [Includes printable participant booklets, leaders guide and DVD clips]

Would you like you student leaders to run leadership training sessions for other students in the school? This resource contains everything needed for your student leaders to run a practical and hands-on leadership training day for their peers or for younger students. They can run the whol program themselves!

10 Ways That Student Leaders Can Contribute To Your School

Format: DISC [Includes 2 DVD sessions and printable manual]

if you student leaders are stucl copying last year’s group or stuck in a routine of fundraising activities, then this resource will open up your new leaders to a broader way of thinking. Across the two DVD’s, students are introduced to ten new ways of contributing to the school and can work through the included manual to make decisions about the most suitable direction they can take.

Successful Student Mentoring

Format: DISC [Includes printable manaul]

We are often asked by students for suggestions on how they can be mentors to others in their school. This resource can be used as the blueprint for setting up a formal student to student mentoring program in your school or by individual students enthusiastic about influencing others on a one on one basis.

Leadership Activity Pack (PRIMARY ONLY)

Format: DISC [Includes 50 printable activity sheets]

Would you benefit from leadership activity sheets to use for quick classroom energisers, for early finishers, camp activities, Friday afternoons or for boosting your existing leadership training? The Leadership Activity Pack is a disc containing 50 sheets ready to print and use, all with a leadership theme. Includes crosswords, puzzles, quizzes, artistic exercises and more.

Bye Bye Bullying

Format: DISC [Includes DVD presentations, printable resources, posters etc]

A startling fact about eliminating bullying is that you must engage the involvement of the student leaders, one of the most influential groups in the school. Many schools miss this important step in the process. This disc outlines the three step ‘Bye Bye Bullying’ process and equips the student leaders with the ready made tools and resources they need. No other bullying prevention resource available is targeted at empowering the student leaders in this way.

The Steps To Running Successful Events…And Everything You Need To Do It!

Format: DISC [Includes printable manual and electronic templates]

Student leaders love to run events but often have little experience in doing so. On this disc you will find everything the students need to fast-track event planning and ensure success. It includes a proposal template, promotional tips, sample posters, budget template, checklists, sample assembly announcements, sample media releases and much much more!

How To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Format: DISC [includes DVD presentation, printable handouts, activities and ideas sheets]

This disc contains the tools that every school needs to help any student improve their public speaking and deliver confident, high quality presentations every time. The DVD presentations, activity sheets and other resources will help all students improve their public speaking skills so that they can deliver confident, high quality presentations and more.

Balancing Responsibilities

Format: DISC [includes DVD presentation, printable, handouts and personal planning workbook]

Student leaders find themselves with a new layer of responsibility to add to an already full list of priorities. This resource will help all students understand the areas they need to balance and the essential techniques for achieving this.

Leadership Everest

Format: Book

This book identifies nine common challenges that student leaders face and suggests ways to overcome them. If you enjoyed the conference session in which half of these challenges were discussed, then make sure you read this to get an understanding of all nine challenges.

101 Event Ideas for Student Leaders

Format: Book

As the title suggests, this book contains 101 fantastic ideas to help student leaders make a significant contribution to your school and the broader community. Chapers include events based on sporting, creative, environmental, cultural and charity ideas.

How To Get A GRIP On Leadership

Format: Book

To be an effective student leader you need more than popularity and ability…you need to develop these four key values. In this book you will discover the four key G.R.I.P values and through practical explanations, stories, examples and questions, you will learn practical ways to display these in your own leadership.

Eight Things I Wish I Knew When I Was School Captain

Format: Book

Learn the ‘little known’ lessons essential for any school captain, head girl, head boy or senior prefect! This book will give you a head start, by drawing on the insight of a previous school captain who has been in your shoes before. By understanding the eight lessons in this book you will be better prepared and equipped to make a difference.

GRIP Leadership Badges & Frisbees

GRIP Leadership Badges are available at $2 each or 3 for $5.

Loud Noises Frisbees are available at $5 each