2022 Secondary Conferences – Program


All plenary sessions and electives include presentations, activities, discussions, and leadership games.

Sessions are updated every year so that students can attend numerous years if desired.


8.30amDoors Open for All Schools
9.00amSESSION 1
Plenary Session: The Steps to Higher Standards

Student leadership is more than filling positions and doing some odd jobs the way they have always been done in years past. This session shifts the focus towards striving to do things better than they have been done before. Students will be guided through a process of recognising areas that could be raised to a new level of excellence, and then taught the practical steps to achieving a higher standard. Whilst the session will inspire and equip student leaders to set a new standard, this will be done in the context of having realistic expectations and resisting comparison with other schools.
10.30amMorning Tea
Morning Tea Optional Session: Top Tips for House Captains

Whether you’re a house captain, or someone who wants to help your house captain, we unpack some of the top tips to making your house more vibrant. This short session shows lots of short videos to give insights into how house captains at many schools are using these tips effectively.
10.55amSESSION 2
Plenary Session: Leading with Integrity

Having ‘integrity’ is more than just being an honest and upstanding student. A student leader can show integrity in numerous practical ways and this session will use real stories and video examples to focus on three key ways: doing things because they are needed not because they are fun; using actions not just words; and placing less focus on what others think.
Electives #1 (choose 1)

Option 1: Raising the Standard of Your Fundraising

Fundraising needs to be much more than thinking up an idea and hoping that students donate money. This workshop is for those who are looking for fresh ideas from other schools, and to learn how to make fundraising activities more effective than they have ever been before.

Option 2: Raising the Standard of Your Public Speaking

This workshop is for students who love public speaking and want to go to a new level, and also for students who dread public speaking and are looking for every tip that’s out there! Instead of going through the obvious tips that everybody has heard before, this workshop gives a whole toolbox of strategies that are both useful and productive.
12.30pmLunch Break
1.00pmSESSION 3
Electives #2 (choose 1)

Option 3: How to Find New Opportunities for Your Team

Do you like the idea of finding a new opportunity for your team so that you don’t have to do the same things that have always been done before? It’s important to know how to find these opportunities so that you choose things that make sense for your school. This workshop explores ways to find new opportunities whenever you need them, but you will probably find lots of new ideas before the workshop has even finished!

Option 4: How to Work Effectively as a Team

A team can have great individual leaders and great ideas, and still end up achieving very little. The solution needs to be more than just working on things together. This workshop unpacks four practical things to help a team be more effective than ever before.
1.45pmQ&A with GRIP Leadership Team and Final Review

GRIP Leadership reserves the right to make changes to the program in order to make improvements to this conference.