2021 Secondary Conferences – Program

All plenary sessions and electives include presentations, activities, discussions, and leadership games.

Sessions are updated every year so that students can attend numerous years if desired.


8.30amDoors Open for All Schools
9.00amSESSION 1
Plenary Session: Time to Lead

This topic acknowledges that being a leader is a privilege, but that a leadership role is not about the leader themselves. Being a student leader comes with the expectation of making a difference to the school community, but it doesn’t mean that a leader should rush to create activity for the sake of it. This session guides students through a process of identifying the best opportunities to lead within their school. These opportunities involve building on existing activities and identifying actual needs before moving on to create something new. A practical tool will be used to help students identify these opportunities within their own school.
10.30amMorning Tea
Morning Tea Optional Session: Time Management for Student Leaders

Student leaders usually have many responsibilities that demand their time. This short session will give practical strategies to help student leaders manage these pressures before it becomes an issue.
10.55amSESSION 2
Plenary Session: Time to Take Responsibility

Being ‘responsible’ is more than just following the school rules. A leader should show responsibility in numerous ways and this session will use stories and video examples to focus on three key ways: doing what is right, putting others first, and following through on promises.
Electives #1 (choose 1)

Option 1: Involving More Students in Your School Events

Every student leadership team wants more students to be involved in the events that they organise. The solution isn’t actually to just keep putting up more posters. This workshop unpacks four practical strategies that attract greater involvement, with numerous examples from other schools.

Option 2: Creative Ideas for Your School Which Aren't Events

Being a student leader should always be more than just organising events, but sometimes it can feel like the events are the fun part. This workshop shares lots of great ideas from other schools to help student leaders add variety to the way in which they positively influence students, the school, and the community.
12.30pmLunch Break
1.00pmSESSION 3
Electives #2 (choose 1)

Option 3: Improving Something You Feel is Impossible

There are things about every school that students want to improve, but it can feel like it would be impossible. This workshop will look at how to approach challenges in a positive way, as well as three practical strategies that give the best possible chance of making a lasting improvement to the school.

Option 4: Keeping Your Team Motivated

Sometimes the initial enthusiasm of a student leadership team can wear off, and things can be harder as time goes on. It is important for a team to prepare for this so that motivation levels can remain high. This workshop provides four practical tools to put in place to prevent things from ‘fading out’ over time.
1.45pmQ&A with GRIP Leadership Team and Final Review

GRIP Leadership reserves the right to make changes to the program in order to make improvements to this conference.