What Others Have Said

“A quality leadership workshop delivered by a vibrant and professional team who understand children.“

Kevin Colman,
Grahamstown Primary School
“A positive, dynamic experience of great benefit for students and everyone who attended with them.“

Kim O’Reilly,
St Francis of Assisi
“A fantastic, well organised and presented day that engaged and motivated all those who attended.“

Kate Prisk,
Shellharbour Primary
“Your message was delivered with a perfect balance of activities and brilliant timing to keep the children engaged.“

Shirley Ellis,
Tarrawarra Primary School
“My students were engaged and motivated the whole day. I’m sure they will incorporate some of the ideas into their own leadership styles.“

Vana Ford,
Byabarra Primary School
“Excellent content. It assists pupils’ developing skills and doesn’t assume pupils already know how to be a leader.”

Grey Stephens,
St Joey’s Gloucester
“A fun day that really engaged the students and involved them in learning about leadership. Very enthusiastic presenters.“

Kim Sheen,
Unadorra Primary School
“A fantastic day! Students involved at all levels. A measure of success was the depth of student understanding in question time.“

Lesley Matthews,
Thirral Primary School
“Great way for students to work together and share ideas about Leadership.”

P. Campbell,
Blue Haven Public School
“A well balanced program that students enjoyed.“

A Kennedy,
Old Bar Primary School
“Enthusiastic presenters developing enthusiasm in young leaders.“

Annette Benton,
Tea Gardens Primary School